Kitchen & Bathroom

Kitchen and bathrooms are normally the first rooms people look at when buying a home, and have been proven to bring the best return of value.

From minor changes to a whole new layout, Handley Lumber is the right choice for all of your kitchen and bathroom needs. We can provide you with quality products and professional knowledge on your project including picking the right countertop.

We can special order in all of your kitchen and bath renovation needs, including countertops, faucets, and bathware. For your convenience, we've provided links to a few of our suppliers' websites below, or visit us in-store to look over brochues and binders.

Countertop  Characteristics Cost per square foot
Granite One-of-a-kind colours and patterns. Very durable, withstands heat, scratches, stains, and water if sealed. High resale value. Reseal at least once a year.    $100-$225
Marble Large variety of colours and patterns. Smooth surface, heat-resistant and stays cool for pastry/baking. Citrus, coffee, alcohol, and some cleaning products can scratch or etch surface, even if sealed. Reseal every 3-6 months.  $125-$250
Solid Surface Wide variety of colours and patterns. Can be made to look like granite or marble. Seamless, can sand away stains or scratches. Can scratch, dent and burn. $75-120
Quartz Larger range of colours than granite. Scratch resistant, nonporous surface, easy to maintain, no sealant required. $100-$185
Soapstone Starts out light to medium gray, and darkens over time. Resistant to etching from acids, somewhat resistant to stains. Scratches can be sanded or oiled away. Can dent, chip and scratch. Requires applications of mineral oil once a month.  $70-110
Tile Ceramic or porcelain. Limitless colour/design options. Heat, scratch and stain resistant, fairly easy to replace if cracks or chips occur. Grout prone to staining. Provides an uneven work space.   $10- $75
Butcher Block Variety of finishes. Can sand surface for scratches or dents. Water and stain damage can occur over time. Requires regular oiling for maintenance. $35- $150
Stainless Steel  Durable, stain and temperature resistant, easy to clean and maintain. Can scratch or dent and noisy to cook on. Cannot cut directly on surface.  $75- $140
Laminite Variety of colours and patterns. Affordable, stain resistant, waterproof, and low-maintenance. Can crack, scratch and burn, difficult to repair. $10- $60